5 Famous Sluggers Who Struggled With Alcoholism

5 Famous Sluggers Who Struggled With AlcoholismBaseball has long been known as a sport where substance abuse is rampant. Players use drugs to enjoy their party lives off the field, and they also use performance-enhancing drugs to improve their play on the field. The party drug of choice for baseball players has always been alcohol. Here is a look at five famous sluggers who struggled with alcoholism.


1. Babe Ruth


Perhaps the most famous baseball player in history, Ruth was also one of the most famous drinkers in history. His infamous appetite for partying is almost as legendary as his play on the field. He was most famous during Prohibition, which was actually the height of liquor consumption per capita in the United States. There were stories that he frequently played games drunk, and he was legendary for his party life.


2. Mickey Mantle


Like Ruth, Mantle was another wildly popular Yankees player who was known as much for his life off the field as on it. He was well known for chasing starlets and showing up to the ballpark with a hangover. He stated that his “breakfast of champions” was a shot of brandy mixed with Kahlua and cream, which he downed every single morning.


3. Miguel Cabrera


The man who won the first Triple Crown in more than 40 years in 2012 is one of the most famous drinkers of recent years. Cabrera was arrested for domestic violence one night, and he was tested at a .2.6 blood alcohol level. That is more than three times the legal limit. He was so drunk when he was arrested that he took a swig of Scotch while the officers were questioning him.


4. Daryl Strawberry


Although it is often overshadowed by his cocaine use, Strawberry is also a legendary drunk. He has tried to clean up his drug and alcohol issues many times in substance abuse facilities similar to a Utah alcohol rehab & treatment center, but he has never been able to completely conquer his demons even with multiple trips to rehab.


5. Josh Hamilton


If it is a drug, the chances are Hamilton has done it. This slugger has been known to indulge in nearly every vice imaginable, and he has been particularly known for being an alcoholic and a cocaine addict. He has since cleaned up his act, and he won the MVP in 2010. He still struggles with slip-ups occasionally, and he even admitted to drinking a few beverages in a Texas bar last year during the off-season.

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