A Battery That Will Electrify Your Bike In Seconds!

Just make sure your bike’s tires are in good shape and you’re wearing safety gear—there’s a battery that is specifically made for non-motorized bicycles and it has enough power to get a cyclist going at 25 km/hr or 15 mph with a maximum range of 16 miles.

The cool thing about this particular 14 pound bike battery is the fact that one doesn’t have to permanently convert one’s bike to an electric model.  The battery will attach to a regular bike in only a few seconds (yes, that would be seconds) and the electric-drive system can be detached from one’s bike in the same amount of time.  The ease and quickness of detachment is vital since removing the device, while not in use, would be prudent to prevent the device’s unwanted removal by others.

Battery Details:

1:  Actual Attachment:

This bike battery is waterproof, so it’s performance in the rain has been taken into consideration.  The battery attaches to the seat-post through the use of a lever which is used for attachment as well as for release.  The major portion of the battery extends over the back wheel and a shock absorber-like arm allows the battery to remain securely pushed down. This allows a powered roller component of the battery to maintain secure contact with the top of the tire.

2:  The Roller:

As stated, the roller element comes in contact with the rear tire and is made from a polyurethane compound mixture which provides for an unusually effective grip to the tire, with minimal wear.  Once the battery kicks in with the roller in place, the rear wheel will spin, with no manual input.

The force on the tire is constant which allows minimum slippage, even in wet conditions, and allows a 15 mph speed even during uphill climbs!

3:  The Power:

An integrated 14.4-volt 280-Wh battery pack provides all the power needed with 800 watts of peak power; and if entirely drained, the battery can be fully charged in only two hours.   The creators of this motorized wonder claim the battery will provide a good 2,000 cycles—that means recharging the battery every single day for 5 years without losing any range.

The battery-packed device also houses a rear LED light for nighttime noticeability.

4:  The Controls:

A handle-bar throttle is attached; and it is through the throttle that the rider can control the motor’s output level either upward or downward.  The roller element can be flipped up during those times when the battery is drained or whenever the biker wishes to immediately switch to his own ‘pedal power’.

The Price:

The only drawback might be the price…coming in at $1,227 U.S. dollars; but for bike enthusiasts who are willing to shell out the dough, it should be retail-ready November of 2013.

Many manual to electric bike conversion kits are cumbersome; and installation can require a certain amount of wiring skill.   In addition, many systems that are currently on the market, do not offer ease and quickness of installation and removal.

Electric conversion within seconds…what’ll they think up next?

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