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Trixter Bikes

This calorie burning exercise offers a total-body workout while bringing the natural movements of outdoor cycling and mountain-biking indoors. Shake up your cardio routine and give it a go!

Trixter X-Bikes offer a range of options: You can either come along to our 45 minute Weekly Coached Classes: Monday 6pm - 6.45pm & Sunday 5pm - 5.45pm (£3.50) or join a Virtual Trixter Session (£2.50).

Cycle along to a series of motivational DVDs with instructor-led interval training DVD's at a virtual session every day, on the hour, except Monday 6pm & Sunday 5pm. *Virtual Trixter sessions are included free in the gym membership package. 

June 2018
Sun 24th
  • 5:00pm 105712 Sun 24th June 2018
  • 0
Mon 25th
  • 0
  • 6:00pm 105698 Mon 25th June 2018
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