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This 30 minute intense water based class is taking the stereotypical ‘aqua class’ to the next level. This class is for ALL levels of fitness, not just for the injured, elderly, pregnant, or unfit. This heart raiser session is high intense/low impact making it suitable for a variety of fitness levels and abilities, but challenging enough for each individual.

In this class you will sculpt your body shape using the resistance of the water forcing the muscles to work harder working the entire body. The benefit of training in water is that the resistance of water breaks down fat, fuels the muscles, and improves circulation and cellulite.

Adding TIDAL to your fitness program will boost energy levels, relieve stress and increase muscle strength power and endurance. 

Monday 7pm - 7.30pm | Tuesday 10am - 10.30am

This class is delivered by Get Fit North East.

November 2017
Mon 27th
  • 0
  • 7:00pm 97578 Mon 27th November 2017
Tue 28th
  • 10:00am 95108 Tue 28th November 2017
  • 0
December 2017
Mon 4th
  • 0
  • 7:00pm 97579 Mon 4th December 2017
Tue 5th
  • 10:00am 95109 Tue 5th December 2017
  • 0
Mon 11th
  • 0
  • 7:00pm 97580 Mon 11th December 2017
Tue 12th
  • 10:00am 95110 Tue 12th December 2017
  • 0
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