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TRIO (Train, Resist, Intensify, Overload) is a energetic 30 minute high intensive class combining 3 of the most effective components STRENGTH, POWER and CARDIOVASCULAR training to optimise your body's potential to gain results fast!

TRIO classes combine body weight, dumbbell and plyometric exercises in a superset format which will increase your metabolic rate and keep your body guessing.

Tuesday 6.30pm - 7.00pm (from 9th Jan 2018)

This class is delivered by Get Fit North East.

February 2018
Tue 20th
  • 6:30pm 102057 Tue 20th February 2018
Tue 27th
  • 6:30pm 102058 Tue 27th February 2018
March 2018
Tue 6th
  • 6:30pm 102059 Tue 6th March 2018
Tue 13th
  • 6:30pm 102060 Tue 13th March 2018
Tue 20th
  • 6:30pm 102061 Tue 20th March 2018
Tue 27th
  • 6:30pm 102062 Tue 27th March 2018
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