FIFA World Cup 2014 – A Look at the Stadiums

The glorious tournament of FIFA world cup 2014 is less than a year away. This would be the 20th world cup of soccer. The world cup would be starting from 12th June and ending on 13th July 2014. Brazil is hosting this tournament for the second time. Brazil is the fifth country to host the tournament twice, after Germany, France, Italy and Mexico.


Meanwhile, the construction work of the stadiums in Brazil is being made a lot of emphasis in this crucial time. The government is trying to make ready, all the 12 stadiums, which are to host the matches, at the earliest.

Great Emphasis is being paid on Stadium Construction

The stadiums were delivered after long delays for this year’s Confederations Cup. FIFA has clarified that it is not ready to tolerate any kind of similar problems again. FIFA has asked for the delivery of the final six venues of world cup by this year’s end.

Stadium Preparation:

The Confederations Cup was quite successful. However, there were some deficiencies and challenges that should be addressed. The key focus for the organizers of the world cup is now the 12 stadia, which would be hosting the matches. Among these, greater attention is being paid on the 6 stadia that are still under construction. The organizers are planning to set up the complementary infrastructure in the stadia by early 2014, in order to have sufficient time for adjustments and testing.

This process should be carried out faster than it was carried out for the Confederations Cup. During the Confederations Cup, a mere of two out of the six venues were delivered by the original deadline, which was in December. FIFA had set up this deadline for the tournament of warm-up. Some of the venues were completed just when the competition was about to start. A lot of unfinished work of infrastructure was left, almost for all the venues. The local organizers were not able to use the stadiums for hosting the test events in ideal numbers.

FIFA trying to avoid stadium issues:

The organizers know that they cannot expect that everything will go smoothly in brand new stadiums. Hence, the organizers are concentrating their efforts to make the world cup tournament a grand success for the host country Brazil, the fans and the teams.

The organizers have made assessments from what they learned through the Confederations Cup, are trying their best to prevent the occurrence of any problem. They are trying to sort out the existing issues within a time span of a few months.

The flagship event for the football and the preparations for it, have turned into a significant and large collective undertaking, between the stakeholders of the host country and the sports. FIFA organizers understand that there is only a mere of 11 months for the opening match to occur at Sao Paulo, and then the grand tournament would start. Time is running out, and they need to make a lot of preparations. People are in great hurry to book their World Cup Final Tickets.

The organizers have even planned to pay visits to Manaus, Curitiba and Sao Paulo, to inspect the work of stadium construction and other related aspects.


The efforts of the FIFA organizers would certainly bring the desired results, and the world cup would certainly be a huge success. You can get the tickets for the tournament from August 20, 2013.

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