Shoot Hoops and Achieve Your Physical Fitness Goals

For your competitive nature, a good game of basketball might be just what the doctor ordered to keep your physical fitness in tip top shape and your work performance above par.  Basketball is an excellent way to run, jump, shoot, and keep your cardio workout at its optimum level.  For your children, they will learn a great deal more than the game itself or how it’s played; they’ll learn social skills and teamwork that they can carry out into their world with them no matter where they go.


The Health Benefits of Basketball

You’ll find that a challenging game of basketball will burn calories; studies show that anywhere from 600-750 calories are burned off during a game.  You’ll build up your endurance and stamina, improve your coordination and balance, increase and strengthen your muscles, and improve your coordination and balancing skills.  This fast moving game causes you to concentrate on the action, focus on the task at hand, and work diligently with your teammates to keep control of the ball.  You’ll start and stop quickly which improves your cardio rates and you’ll have a variety of action to keep you engaged.  From shooting to dribbling to rebounding the ball for your best shooters you’ll be burning off excess pounds while having fun all the while.

Basketball Keeps You Engaged

Besides all of the health benefits provided by a good game of basketball, you’ll make new friends who can help you with your accountability as you work toward becoming more physically fit.  It’s a game that can be enjoyed by any age group during all seasons and that will provide you with hours of fun that makes you forget you’re really exercising as you keep score and enjoy quality time with your friends.  Basketball can also be played with only a few people and you can even practice by yourself and shoot to get better when teammates are counting on you for that ultimate score.  You won’t have to invest a great deal of money in equipment to enjoy the game, you can easily join a local team for regular workouts, and you can reach your benchmarks more quickly if you commit to a regular time for playing and exercising this exciting sport.

Combine Basketball with Other Strength Training

Because basketball will require you to run, jump, and use muscles that you maybe haven’t worked in a while, it’s wise to combine some other workout techniques with your games.  Work on your strength and flexibility so that you can compete effectively without injuries or accidents that could have been avoided with some pre-workout exercise.  The facility in which you decide to play and exercise should be a full-service gym that can address all of your workout needs.  For a safe basketball New Rochelle workout, you should warm up, stretch out, and perhaps get the advice of a professional on staff before you begin regular play.  Make sure that you have a good experience by choosing a state-of-the-art facility.

Exercise relieves stress and improves your health and well-being for happier days and restful nights; you should get your body in tip-top physical condition beginning today.

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