Sports Heroes Who Love Their Facial Hair

Facial hair has been a part of the sports world for quite some time now. Entire teams have collectively grown beards together as a symbol of unity during the playoffs or a losing streak. While nearly every professional sports is filled with great stars sporting facial hair, these are four of the most popular.

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Brian Wilson

When you get the nickname “The Beard,” you know that you must have great facial hair. Brain Wilson’s beard became famous when he led the San Francisco Giants to a World Series championship in 2010. He is currently playing with the Los Angeles Dodgers, but Wilson has not shaved the famous beard since the playoff run in 2010. His facial hair has become so popular that he was even offered $1 million to shave by a razor company.

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James Harden

Of all the players in the NBA sporting facial hair, James Harden’s beard may be the most popular. Harden has been sporting his famous beard since his college days at Arizona State. While he was overshadowed by Russel Wilson and Kevin Durant during his time with the Oklahoma City Thunder, James Harden rapidly turned into one of the best players in the NBA after being traded to the Houston Rockets prior to the 2012-13 season.


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David Beckham

David Beckham is easily the biggest soccer player in the world, and he may be one of the most popular sports heroes in the world. While Beckham may not have a long beard like Harden and Wilson, he perpetually has some form of facial hair. Beckham usually maintains a scruffy beard look that takes a lot more effort to maintain that most people think. David Beckham has recently retired from professional soccer, but that does not mean he is in the spotlight any less.

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Walt Frazier

Every sports fan is accustomed to seeing one of their heroes sporting facial hair, but Walt Frazier was the first sports star to become known for his facial hair. Frazier got the recognition by everyone because of his unique facial hair styles that were constantly changing throughout his playing career. He has even banked on the facial hair popularity after retirement by becoming a spokesperson for hair products.


There may be a lot of sports heroes with facial hair, but these four are the pioneers and innovators of the facial hair look. It has been a while since most of these men have shaved, so hopefully they use The Art of Shaving pre shave products if they ever decide to lose their famous facial hair since barbers agree these products help to reduce ingrown hair, razor burn and other facial hair ailments.

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