5 Professional Athletes Who Could’ve Used A Good Dentist

5 Professional Athletes Who Could've Used A Good DentistProfessional athletes are very talented. Unfortunately, that talent sometimes results in getting hit in the mouth. Despite making millions of dollars, they don’t seem willing to spend it on dental work. While most athletes have all their pearly whites, there are some who have decided a great smile is not a high priority, and gumming their food isn’t so bad after all.


5. Leon Spinks


One of the all-time greats for a bad smile is former heavyweight boxing champion Leon Spinks. Despite shocking the world in 1978 by beating Muhammad Ali for the title, he never took any of his winnings and put them toward replacing some lost teeth. It’s probably a good thing he didn’t, because a few months later he got knocked around by Ali in a rematch, lost the title and with the beating he took probably would have lost the new teeth as well.


4. Chauncey Billups


Basketball players also lose the occasional tooth to flying elbows and such, but also are just born with bad teeth. One of the worst in the NBA is Chauncey Billups. With very pronounced buck teeth, his bite may definitely be much worse than his bark. Good thing he can dribble a basketball and shoot well, because he won’t be getting any modeling jobs anytime soon.


3. Chris Conner


However, when it comes to the bad teeth hall of fame hockey players dominate the scene. Between the fights using fists, elbows, sticks and anything else they can grab hold of these guys are the kings of bad smiles. One of the most well-known players whose teeth are missing in action is Dallas Stars player Chris Conner. Not only has he got several teeth missing, but he’s also been responsible for a few other players missing theirs. If you’re looking for a player to use in marketing for dental practices, Conner may be your guy.


2. Chris Neil


Chris Neil of the Ottawa Senators is an enforcer who’s never afraid to mix it up with the other team. One of the best heavy hitters in the game, he’s always ready for a good fight with another player. That’s no surprise, since he doesn’t have many teeth left to lose.


1. Duncan Keith


A defenceman for the Blackhawks, Duncan is a rough and tough guy who’s willing to give everything of himself, even his teeth, for the good of the team. Guess he’ll be eating lots of soup and ice cream in the years ahead.

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