How to Plan an Alternative Healing Fair

Alternative Healing Fairs have become increasingly popular over the decade as more and more people seek preventative health measures and to increase their overall wellness. If you are charged with coordinating a fair, there are a few things you should know to make it all go smoothly. Realistically, there is no way to ensure that your first fair goes off without any problems, but you want them to be problems that result in fine-tuning the next fair, not ones that prevent a second fair from happening.

The Time Frame

Generally, when someone has the idea to do a fair they imagine everything can be pulled together with a few phone calls over the holiday. The reality is that the planning should begin about three to four months before you want the fair to happen. Anything longer than that and people will lose their enthusiasm, anything sooner and you will find yourself compromising on things to make a fair happen that you shouldn’t. First, gather together a planning committee, this doesn’t have to be very formal just a few core people who are willing to take on responsibility. Have a few meetings to coordinate the fair and make plans – some of which should include what the theme of the fair is, who is the target market, who will you invite, how much will it cost fairgoers and how will you advertise it. Once you have all your ideas in place, it’s time to look at the reality of your budget. Put someone in charge of going through your list of wants and identifying the must-haves and the ones that can be compromised on to keep the fair within the budget.

Coordinating the Fair Itself

The most important part of hosting an Alternative Healing Fair is maintaining the crowd flow and the energy. Think through how the crowd will enter and move through the fair, make sure to direct them in stages. A good practice is to start with exciting bits and things for sale before bringing them by food and rest stations and then discharging them into the hands of the quieter healing methods and products. If you don’t plan for this you may have an irate meditation teacher next to a Zumba exhibit and a crystal healer crying in the corner.

Taking care of your visitors

While you want people to pay to come in, you want them to stay and buy and also, to come back the next time. You can only achieve this if you have well thought out how to take care of them. If the day promises to be hot, have free water on hand. Rent enough moveable restrooms so they are easily accessible from all parts of the fair. Set up rest areas as well, this is a good place to also stage demonstrations and lectures by your invited healers. Make sure that there is a map to all of the tables and exhibits featured in the fair so if someone does an exhibition, the audience can then find them in the crowd.

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