Protect your Noggin: The Best Motorcycle Helmets on the Market

All sensible riders know that when it comes to motorcycling, protecting your head during every journey, regardless of how long or short, is essential. Never set off on your bike without a securely fitted helmet or you run the risk of substantial injury, or even death, if you come off during your ride.


Are you looking for a new motorcycle helmet because the one you have was involved in a crash? It probably absorbed some impact shock and will either need changing or inspecting by the manufactures for possible repair. Or does it need replacing due to age? It is recommended you change a helmet every few years. Maybe you’re a new rider looking to purchase your first helmet. Whatever the reason, we have a rundown of the best options on the market to help you choose.

Get Geared are specialist retailers with a great selection, from open face to custom. We have hand-picked some of the best options from each to keep you riding safe.

Open face

Their lower starting price may be tempting, but anyone who travels substantial distances at high speeds – i.e. you’re not a commuter on a smaller engine bike – should upgrade to a full face. However, the light weight fiberglass MTR Jet Cruiser is a strong option at an excellent price, or if you want something more luxurious, without sacrificing safety, you could try the omo Hero Black Leather helmet.

Full face

Offering excellent facial protection, the graphic HELD Motorcycle Helmet will keep the wearer safe and easily identifiable due to the unique design.

Flip up

Ranging in price from reasonable to absurdly expensive, good middle-group options are the Caberg Duke Flip Up or the Shark Evoline Series 3 Fusion, which comes with a handy five year warrantee and anti-scratch retractable interior sun visor.


The SHOEI Hornet DS unites the advantages of a full face helmet with those of an off road model, resulting in superb safety and first-rate enjoyment on or off-road.


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