Top 5 Tips on on Cycling.


First timers contemplating a cycling tour may find the cycling route in Northern California interesting and manageable. It will also teach them a thing or two. This route passes from the redwoods, along North California’s coastline road, near Mendocino. It finishes in San Francisco, but not before giving the rider a chance to ride on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Beginners would, of course, have problems in negotiating long routes on their first biking expedition. Nevertheless, they have to make a beginning somewhere, so a few suggestions that are given by experienced cyclists on cycling tours might be worth keeping in mind.

Here are top 5 tips on a cycling tour that will be of a great help to first time bikers.

1. Ideally, join a few tour operators in the initial stages. There is a lot to be learnt on such tours, especially from the mechanics employed by such tour operators. Tour operators offer biker’s packages, in which apart from services of mechanics, the tour operator undertakes transporting the biker’s luggage to and from different locations. Such operators also have a support wagon, which is referred to as broom, or sag by bikers, traveling along with the bikers.

2. Before venturing out on solo biking expeditions, or even taking part in any biking tournaments, biker should be confident of maintaining their bike, if necessary. This means bikers should not expect that somebody will help them change tubes, adjust the brakes, replace any chain links of their bikes, attend to punctures, and adjust or repair any other part of their bike.

3. Most common problems that all new bikers experience is fatigue and saddle sores. Unless a person is confident of undertaking long journeys on bikes, it may not be advisable to venture out on one. People often dissuade bikers who are 60 years or more from participating in any biking event. As long as the person is physically fit, and has not lost touch with going on long distance bike rides regularly, factors such as age should not matter. One way to confirm the ability to undertake such long cycling tours is to regularly travel almost 130 km per day. If the biker starts feeling comfortable about it, then riding 100 km each day would not be a strain.

4. Hiring a bike is best avoided, because biker would not know what the problems with hired bikes are. It is possible to take personal bikes across countries with prior intimation to airlines. A nominal charge is usually collected by airlines for transporting special baggage such as bikes. Parts of the bike can be dismantled and carried in other baggage if there are restrictions of any sorts, or if the shape or size of the bike is likely to increase such charges. If you need more enquiries on this you can use delta airline phone number.
5. Carry the biking gear, which includes helmet, cycling gloves, shoes, SPD pedals, baggy Lycra shorts, water or other fluids, and tops specific for cycling sports. Shoes and SPD pedals may not be necessary for shorter cycling tours. In such cases, sturdy trainers (athletic shoes) would suffice.

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